Architectural Control Committee

Owners are required to obtain ACC approval prior to beginning any exterior modification to their home or property
As the Pine Island Property Owners Association’s documents and architectural guidelines outline, owners are required to obtain prior approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for any exterior modification or alteration to their property, including house repainting, pool installation, major landscaping, additions, etc.

All plans, materials and paint samples, etc. must be submitted to the ACC for review and approval prior to the commencement of any work. The process is in place to help protect property values and ensure continued uniformity of the community. Even if you are not making any major changes to your home, or are planning to repaint your home the same color, an application is required for quick review and/or approval.

Submittal of this paperwork helps community patrol and Seaside Management immensely as they perform regular inspections of the community and take note of the various projects taking place. Since the scope of work being performed and whether it complies with the community’s guidelines is not always obvious, prior notice takes care of any speculations.  All work must also meet the criteria described in the Declaration of Covenants, the Architectural Guidelines and any other related documents. 

The Architectural Control Committee will respond to all applications within thirty (30) days of receipt of submittal. Please feel free to contact Seaside Management or an ACC member if you have any questions.  

Contact Seaside Management for ACC Application and current Guidelines
Approved Paint Colors (Sherman Williams)
Approved Paint Colors (Pittsburgh Paints)
Suggested Paint Color Schemes (Pittsburgh Paints)

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