Community News

Amenity Operating Update
August 13, 2020

At this time both the Beach Club pool and North pool complex are open, as well as the Tennis court at the North pool. Due to COVID mandates the playground at the North pool area remains closed. Because of strict capacity restrictions at the pools there are no activities offered this summer.

Due to on going restrictions affecting gyms and fitness centers, we anticipate the Racquet and Fitness Center will remain closed until the end of the year.

2019 Annual Meeting and Call for Nominations

Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting of the Pine Island Property Owners Association will be held Saturday, October 12, 2019.   In addition, keep your Friday night open for an owners social.  A full meeting package with event details will be mailed to each homeowner in September.

Board Nominations:
  The Pine Island Board of Directors consists of seven members, each of whom serves a three year term. At this year's annual meeting we will elect three Directors to fill the seats of Diane Watkinson, Dick Hinson and Roger Mackey whose terms expire this year.

The board has developed a Considerations for Board Nominations document which outlines the nomination procedure, requirements, and items for consideration by the Nominating Committee.Please contact Seaside Management to request a copy. If you are interested in serving, please review this document and submit your information to Bob Sprague, Nominating Committee Chair at In order to be considered, applications must be received no later than 5pm Monday, September 9, 2019.  

Please note, the information submitted will constitute the full presentation of each applicant. There will be no verbal statements by candidates or others during the meeting. 

Launching our Technology Enhanced Dune Monitoring & Beach Survey Program

August 19, 2019

  • Our Pine Island drone will be utilized to assist and augment the current monitoring of our dunes and shoreline. 
  • The program will utilize an automated drone flight plan to collect photographs and 3-Dimensional dune profiles.
  • The drone-based information can be more easily shared with home owners.
  • The drone will make post-storm dune and beach assessments faster, easier and better.

Consistent with the general overall purpose of the successful Pine Island dune program to assess dune health and changes along our shoreline, our Pine Island personnel will conduct automated flights using our Pine Island drone to assist and augment our monitoring and measuring activities on the dune and to conduct post-storm rapid assessment beach surveys.
Pine Island staff, with the assistance of some homeowners, have been periodically monitoring and manually measuring the dune since 2004-05. Leveraging latest technology with our own drone to help us monitor and measure our dune is the next logical progression. The dune height, width, sand volume and erosion rates are areas we continue to watch as a relatively small but important component of the overall beach system (which is technically referred to as the 'littoral zone').
After significant storms the health of the Pine Island dune needs to be assessed at the earliest opportunity by the Pine Island staff and compared to pre-storm dune profiles. Pine Island will fly our drone using an automated and repeatable FAA compliant flight plan to generate a series of photographs and 3-Dimensional dune profiles along the Pine Island shoreline.
The profile data and variance analysis will enhance the Board and Dune Committee's ability to assess the post-storm health of the dune as well as to assist in any future or remedial post-storm actions. The drone generated information can be easily shared with homeowners showing 3-Dimensional changes to the beach and dune system and providing high quality photographs of areas most impacted by storm events. Going forward we will evaluate technology opportunities to easily share the photographs as soon as possible after a significant storm event as this will be especially beneficial for homeowners, many of who are remote.
In the coming weeks Pine Island will install a network of engineering survey ground reference markers that can be recognized from the air by the drone and used in the processing of drone captured 3-Dimensional profile data during post-storm assessments. The ground reference markers are painted symbols resembling black and white checkered squares erected on posts approximately 1'-2' above ground level. We have identified a total of 31 points in Pine Island mostly on common property and a few points that may be on private property where we are planning to locate these ground reference markers. Any homeowners directly impacted will be contacted prior to the placement on their property to gain permission.
The initial drone flight is currently scheduled for September and will create the baseline profile data set. Subsequent drone flights will gather information to assess changes in profiles on sections of the dune after significant storm events.
In addition to monitoring the dune, starting in 2015 Pine Island has been assessing the overall health of our beach system by conducting volumetric surveys of the 'littoral zone' conducted by third party professional engineering firms every 2-3 years. As a reminder the 'littoral zone' is defined as the area over which waves dissipate most of their energy, extending from the dune to the seaward breakpoints of the larger waves (approx 19ft depth). The volume of sand in the 'littoral zone' and the profile of the 'littoral zone' determines the overall health of the beach. As shared previously, Pine Island is working with the leadership of Currituck County with the anticipated result being that professional volumetric surveys will be conducted by the County in the future.
If you would like to hear more about this exciting use of drone technology and/or the continued evolution of our successful beach management program, please feel free to contact any of the following: PIPOA Dune Manager, Jeff Shields at Seaside Management, any member of the Pine Island Board of Directors or any Dune Committee members which are all listed on the association's website.

Phase 5 Update

July 12, 2019

The PIPOA Board of Directors would like to provide this update on the most recent activity in Phase 5B, directly south of the Hampton Inn. The 25-acre parcel is owned by Turnpike Properties, the original developer of Pine Island. Your Board of Directors is in regular contact with Turnpike Properties, including the past few years, in which we've anticipated the beginning stages of development of this parcel. We've reported any available information regarding these preliminary plans and discussed this information with the membership at our annual meetings.

Turnpike Properties recently provided notice of a community meeting which was held July 10th @ the Pine Island Racquet and Fitness Center. The purpose of the meeting was to inform the public of Turnpike's intent to revise their commercial and residential land use plan and open space allocation within Pine Island PUD via an amended sketch plan/use permit application to Currituck County. It was the first stage of a lengthy process which provided the public an opportunity to view their proposal. Turnpike Properties was required to notify only certain nearby property owners, therefore, not all Pine Island owners received notice.

Turnpike's proposal would eliminate the previously approved sixty (60) villas and small retail area within Phase 5B and develop twenty-three (23) single family lots/dwellings instead.

Please click here to view the meeting agenda as well as the proposed sketch plan for your review.

The meeting was an opportunity for Pine Island PIPOA as well as PI owners and other interested parties immediately north and south of the parcel to see the sketch plan and ask questions of the developer. Approximately eight Pine Island owners attended as did PIPOA management and a representative from the PIPOA Board of Directors. Turnpike properties and their engineer explained the proposal and answered questions regarding the impact this development may have on Pine Island. Most of the questions related to the size of houses and assurance that a vegetative buffer would remain on the south end of the property and along NC 12.

Turnpike shared that the 23-lot development would be a stand-alone community and not part of the PIPOA. It will likely be a gated community owned and managed solely by Turnpike through their rental company, Atlantic Realty.

We will share additional information with the membership as it becomes available.

Enjoy the rest of the summer season, and please let us know if you have any questions in this regard.

October 1, 2018

We are happy to share that the Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary is featured in the October/November issue of Garden & Gun Magazine. You can view the article here or find it on newsstands everywhere.

Amenity Flyers
November 30, 2017

The Communications Committee continues to work to bring information to Pine Island Homeowners about our Amenities. Here are links to flyers you may print and post in your homes for personal and guest use. We can contribute indirectly to the community by promoting their use and therefore increase the revenues which will offset the carrying costs. A win-win!  There will be several in this series, the first of which is the Racquet and Fitness Club. The second is the acceptable placement of the Beach Umbrellas and Chairs when not in use per the County Ordinance. Currently, we are looking into a Beach Club flyer with new drone photos to show it can be a destination for a day of family fun during their week at the beach.  We would ultimately like to include these on the rental company websites so guests can view and plan accordingly.  Please feel free to forward any of the flyers to your management company to include on your home page.  Check back for updates as we add additional information for your use.

Pine Island Racquet & Fitness Center
Proper Beach Chair Placement

Sustaining Our Beach -- A Strategic Perspective

August 31, 2017

Following completion of an initial beach condition monitoring study by Coastal Science & Engineering (CSE) for the PIPOA in 2015, an updated condition survey and assessment of our Pine Island beach is now in progress and will be completed by YE2017.

The survey looks at both the visible (dune and dry beach) and underwater sand profiles - known as the littoral zone - what happens underwater directly impacts our dune and beach sand volumes. The goal of the survey is to compute volumetric changes since the 2015 survey and relate those changes to long-term shoreline change trends for Pine Island.  It is significant to note that decades-long analysis by the Army Corps of Engineers indicates an average rate of erosion/accretion in Pine Island of minus two feet/year.  We know, however, that it is not consistent throughout the community.  By the end of August the on-shore and off-shore data measurements will have been collected, cross-sections from the primary dune crest going eastwards out into the ocean to ~35-ft depth offshore, documenting unit volumes of sand along Pine Island and immediate adjacent areas. In addition CSE will supplement profiles with a controlled survey of selected dune areas using drone technology. Subsequent data analysis will be used to develop recommendations for PIPOA for potential beach-dune enhancements and related projections of future changes.

Initial findings will be presented by CSE at the PIPOA Annual Meeting on October 7, 2017.

The final CSE report, available in December 2017, will include an executive summary and a detailed technical report, both of which will be available to all home owners. The report will discuss beach volumes, volume changes, dune conditions, beach width, inshore bar conditions, erosional hot spots, how much sand is needed to produce/maintain a healthy beach, how much sand is needed to protect the dunes and provide better storm protection, are there any sections of beach where the berm width is not adequate for maintaining a minimal dry-beach width through normal winter conditions including general recommendations for a target minimum beach volume, and recommendations for minor dune enhancements and to the extent possible CSE will also offer an opinion regarding whether large-scale nourishment (i.e. - >500,000 cubic yards) should be considered for some date in the near future (i.e. - 5-10 years out) based on data measurements and observed trends.

If you have any questions please contact Dune Committee Chair (Roger Mackey) and Cc Jeff Shields

Beach Chair and Umbrella County Guidelines

August 31, 2017

There is growing concern over beach chairs, umbrellas etc. that are being left overnight on the beach. Vendors (and individuals) must follow County Ordinance 10-128 regarding morning setup and evening removal of these items.
County Ordinance 10-128 requires that all beach gear, including tents, cabanas and chairs be removed each day between sunset and sunrise, and must be placed west of the toe of the dune
To avoid any confusion, the County is recommending placing these items on beach steps or the surface of dune decks. Some vendors are installing hangers beneath access walkways where possible.It is important to advise your renters of this ordinance or they could lose items they leave on the beach overnight.
Some of vendors work with the rental companies directly and are well aware of these rules and regulations. Companies such as "Cabana Bobs" have been doing this for many years, partnering with the rental companies and via their own commercial storefronts and websites. In the case of The Currituck Club, their PUD-dedicated vendor, Lighthouse Resort Services, has been selling the daily set up of up umbrellas and chairs to Currituck Club guests. The rented items are then set up on Pine Island's common areas and in front of Pine Island's privately owned lots, and on Spindrift's oceanfront parcels. The Currituck Club owns only one parcel of oceanfront property, which is located directly north of the county's public beach access ramp. At a meeting with The Currituck Club in March, the General Manager for The Currituck Club said that they would be happy to move any of their guests' rented umbrellas/chairs that are interfering with our owners'/guests' enjoyment of the beach, or we could move them ourselves. Please pass that advice on to your guests.
The county also now prohibits the practice known as "prospecting" which refers to setting up chairs and umbrellas in anticipating of renting them. If you see prospecting, please report to Seaside Management by calling Eddie White at 252-453-3904.

2017 Annual Meeting

​August 31, 2017

The annual owners meeting is set for Saturday, October 7 at 9 am at the Hilton Garden Inn in Kitty Hawk.  Continental breakfast and sign-in begin at 8:30.  

We are also planning an owners social event the night before, on Friday, October 6 so please also keep the early evening open.

Details will be included in the annual meeting package. 

Proposed Corolla Fire Service District
April 27, 2017

The Corolla Civic Association requested that the following important information be shared with all homeowners.  The purpose of the Corolla Civic Association (CCA) is to promote the interests and welfare of the Currituck Outer Banks from Dare County to the Virginia state line by providing information and to be the voice of conscience of the community, based on member input.  Membership is only $10 per year and is open to all.  If you want to keep up on what's up in Corolla,

Corolla Civic Association (CCA) has been working with Corolla Fire & Rescue Squad (CFRS) to develop a plan to get the word out on the need to form a fire service district covering Corolla.  CCA is in full support of this effort and will also be sending out these materials to its membership via an e-mail to its listserv and social media. 
After going through an extensive strategic planning exercise, Corolla Fire & Rescue Squad (CFRS) has determined that it has reached a crossroads in its ability to meet the fire and safety requirements of our community.   As the number of fire calls in Corolla has been steadily growing at an exponential pace, the number of members in our all-volunteer force is decreasing as replacement volunteers have not kept up with retirements.   CFRS’s call volume, now over 400 per year, is expected to top 500 calls by 2022 as development (much of which is high density) increases.  
Additionally, you should note that homeowner insurance rates are partially dependent on what is known as an ISO rating reflecting the capabilities of local fire protection.  If, for example, the number of volunteer firefighters falls below 28, the ISO rating would drop from the current level of 6 to a level of 9.  This would result in annual insurance premium increases in the hundreds of dollars.
We believe that the only prudent course is to hire paid professional firefighters to supplement the volunteer force, similar to the fire departments in Dare County OBX.  To fund a combined department, we need the Currituck County Board of Commissioners (BOC) to create a Fire Service District.
In CFRS’s judgement, we would need two professional firefighters at each of the Whalehead and Pine Island Fire Stations on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year.  This would require an annual tax of $.04 per $100 of assessed property value, which translates into $180 per year for a home assessed at $400,000 -- likely less than the insurance premium increases attributable to a drop in the ISO rating.  Note also that grant funding under FEMA’s SAFER program is being pursued and we are also exploring the availability of Occupancy Taxes to pay a part of the cost.  These would lower the tax impact.
North Carolina law requires that the BOC make a number of findings prior to approving creation of a fire service district.  A key finding is that there is ‘demonstrable demand’ for the service from the property owners in the proposed district.  This is where we need your help.  While CFR is reaching out to all property owners in Corolla by mail, we would like your support in reaching out to your friends and neighbors.  
We are asking you to share these educational materials and endorse the effort. The letter CFRS is mailing as well as the FAQ’s can be found here:

There may be additional educational pieces down the road.  An opportunity to present at your Homeowners or Group's Meeting would also be welcomed.  Thus far, everyone in the community we have spoken with has been supportive of this initiative and we expect that the majority of your owners would also see the need and benefit of establishing a fire service district.

If you have any questions, please contact CFRS.

Barbara Marzetti, President
Corolla Civic Association



New Fitness Center Use Program Announced

March 29, 2017

The Pine Island Racquet & Fitness Center Committee has recommended to the Board of Directors to begin a new program for 2017. The Board has approved the program, which will allow two (2) designated owners from each Pine Island property to use the fitness center at no charge. These names will be kept on file at the Pine Island Racquet & Fitness Center.

 How do I sign up?

If you would like to sign up for this program, please visit the Pine Island Racquet & Fitness Center and speak to the onsite staff to designate who from your home will be given free access to the fitness center. Registration will not be accepted over the phone. This program is free for two (2) designated owners or immediate family members (husband, wife, or children) of owners only and is not transferrable. ID may be required upon check in.

 How does the program work? 

The Pine Island Racquet & Fitness Center staff will be given a list of owner names, property addresses and lot numbers. Each time a designated user comes in to use the fitness center, they will sign in with the front desk. The staff will keep detailed records of how often owners/users visit and how many homes took advantage of this program.

 This information will be used to shape future programs and establish a better benchmark on the usership of the facilities.

 Do I still get a discount on court time?

Owners will continue to receive a 50% discount on indoor and outdoor tennis court reservations.

 We are very pleased to be able to offer this additional benefit to our owners.

Town of Duck Beach Nourishment Presentation

February 20, 2017

As you may know, Duck, Kitty Hawk, and Kill Devil Hills are participating in beach nourishment this spring and summer. As part of their educational outreach, the Town of Duck has made the presentation given at their Town Council retreat available online.

Please see the original message and links to the presentation below:


I am sure that you are all aware of the Beach Nourishment project that will be under way late this spring into the summer. On Wednesday, the contractors came to the Town Council Retreat with an updated presentation followed by a question and answer session. I wanted to make you all aware that that video of that presentation has been uploaded to the Town’s website and You Tube Channel. Please feel free to view it and share with your clients.

Town of Duck website:



Currituck County Dune Vegetation Cost Share Program

January 20, 2017

Currituck County is offering its annual Dune Vegetation Cost Sharing Program to homeowners. PIPOA, through its Dune Program, plants American Beach Grass every year, so the association will not be participating in this homeowner-based program. This program is in place to supplement your dune coverage over and above what Pine Island Property Owners Association provides. If you are interested in taking part in this program, you may find more information and the application below.

Pay Your Assessment Online


December 27, 2016

Invoices for the 2017 annual assessment and dune assessment were mailed in early December, and are due by January 1, 2017. If you did not receive your invoice, please contact for a replacement and to confirm that Seaside Management has your correct mailing address and contact information.

To pay online, follow the directions here.  Follow instructions to "pay by e-check, one time payment" or "pay by credit card". You will need the Management ID (6785), the Association ID (PIN) and your Account Number (five-digit account number is printed on the invoice).  Thank you for your timely payment.

Annual Meeting Election Results
October 26, 2016 

Thank you to all owners that participated in the rescheduled annual meeting last night, either by submitting a proxy, attending in person or dialing in to the teleconference.  A quorum was established with 149 properties represented (4 properties represented in person at The Hampton Inn,  43 represented by teleconference and 102 represented by proxy).  Interestingly, this is very similar to the number of properties represented in person in previous years.  

2016:  47 represented in person/teleconference

2015:  40 represented in person

2014:  45 represented in person 

The board is pleased that the level of participation remained the same, even with the unanticipated need to reschedule due to Hurricane Matthew.  We appreciate your flexibility for the rescheduled meeting date and format, which allowed for presentations, dialogue and questions in an open format. Additional questions, as always, may be submitted any time by contacting any board member or Seaside Management.

The voting was tallied and verified today by a representative of the certified public accounting firm of Johnson, Burgess, Mizelle and Straub, LLP.  The following three nominees were elected for three year terms:

  • Diane Watkinson
  • Roger Mackey
  • Dick Hinson

At their next meeting, the board will elect officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). 

 Many thanks to all five candidates for their nominations and their desire to serve the community.

 Owners wishing to independently review the voting tally may do so by scheduling an appointment to meet at the Seaside Management office.

 Thank you, once again, for your participation and we look forward to a productive 2017.  


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