Safety Information
Your safety is very important to us.
Fire Safety:
  • Per Currituck County ordinances and community rules, it is unlawful to use any type of firecracker, torpedo, sky rocket, sparkler, sky lantern or similar item.  For everyone's safety, this is strictly enforced.
  • Per Currituck County ordinances and community rules, beach fires are prohibited. 
  • No grilling on decks or within ten feet of the home, unless the homeowner has provided a permanently affixed gas grill for guest use.  Most homeowners have provided a grill on the ground level.  Please do not move or change the location of these grills or bring them closer to the home.  Although possibly more convenient when grilling your tuna, not as safe in our dry environment.

House Safety:

  • Make note of your street address in the event you need to call for emergency assistance.  Emergency respondents cannot locate you by your rental company name and rental home ID number.  
  • Lock all doors, sliding glass doors and windows when you're not at the house.  
  • Lock vehicle doors and keep "tempting" items out of view

Weather Safety:
  • Keep up with local weather outlets and radio stations as storms sometimes come quickly.  
  • Do not swim in the ocean, or in pools, when there is lightning, even if it seems to be in the distance.  Our community pools close for thirty minutes whenever staff sees lightning. 

Beach Safety:
  • Red Flags mean No Swimming.  Public safety personnel may call for red flag days when there is a high prevalence of dangerous rip currents, waves are rough, or other unsafe conditions exist.  
  • Pine Island community beach accesses have an identification sign on the beach side.  Make a note of this in case your long and relaxing walk on the beach leaves you forgetting where you started.
  • Remove all chairs, tents, umbrellas, and beach items when you leave the beach for the day and be sure to fill in any large holes.  Our public safety personnel thank you for not impeding their emergency access. 

What is a rip current?

  • A rip current is a "channelized current of water flowing away from the shore".  You can't always see them, so you should always be careful in the ocean.  

What to do if caught in a rip current?
  • First and foremost, don't panic
  • Don't try to fight the current by trying to swim directly to shore
  • Relax, float to conserve energy, and swim parallel to shore until you escape the current's pull
  • When free from the current, swim at an angle, away from the current, towards shore
  • Wave and call for help if you have any doubt at all
  • Remember,  "Wave and Yell.  Swim Parallel".  

Emergency and Important Contact Information

For all Emergencies including for Fire, Police and Ambulance 9-1-1
For Currituck County Sheriff's Department, Non-Emergency 252-232-2216
For Pine Island Community Patrol, Non-Emergency  252-207-4903