Dune Committee

Pine Island has one of the most well-respected private dune management programs on the East Coast

In 2004 the Pine Island Owners Association (PIPOA) took a bold step by establishing a dune program that remains unique today.

With no public funding available, and after approval of a major Covenant amendment, the program was privately funded. Working with Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA), Federal Emergency Management Act (FEMA), state and county officials as well as professional engineers.

PIPOA implemented procedures that are a model for responsible, proactive dune management.

The dunes are an integrated system that stretch from the sound to offshore sandbars, and should be regarded as a single, unified entity and treated holistically in a consistent, coordinated and comprehensive manner.

The program's objective is to monitor and delay the ocean's march, minimize erosion, conduct routine maintenance and repair major damage. It is NOT expected to maintain the status quo. The program has been extraordinarily successful, and has been cited by the NC Legislature and is touted as a selling point by Realtors.

The association created the Dune Committee to advise the Board of Directors on all matters related to the dune restoration, monitoring and maintenance program. This committee has been extremely active and an integral part of the dune program.



Roger Mackey (Chair) 
Chris Wilson
Chip Cottrell 
Dave Johnson 
Elizabeth Isaacson
Michael Charness (Pine Island Reserve)
Jeff Shields (Dune Manager)